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Best Fabrics for Hot Weather

Here are the best fabrics for hot weather. These breathable fabrics provide comfort on hot summer days. Thanks to their soft structure, they allow the body to receive airflow and regulate its temperature.

It is important to wear the right clothes that are suitable for the weather. Wearing thick clothes made from thick materials can cause various skin issues. From irritations to allergic reactions, clothes made from non-breathable fabrics should be avoided in hot weather. In this guide, we have listed the most breathable materials that are great for summer. We have also added the fabrics you should avoid on hot days.

Breathable Fabrics for Summer Days

Summer is a lovely season for fashion. There is no doubt that many people are fond of this lovely season. But it is important to prepare our wardrobes for the notorious heatwaves as well.

Summer heatwaves cause many issues from minor discomforts to dangerous skin issues. While a spritz of deodorant can fix the sweat patches, wearing clothes made from synthetic fibers pose threats to our skin health. And when we wear a low-quality fabric, sweating leave stains that do not remove even after multiple washes.

But it is possible to eliminate all these issues with the best fabrics for hot weather. Wearing the most suitable clothes will save you from frustrating issues that are also harmful to the skin.

1. Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the most widely used clothing materials in the garment industry. It is also a great natural fiber that allows airflow. Thanks to the tiny pores in its soft structure, the skin receives air and prevents overheating. While it is a great and breathable fiber, low-quality cotton often fails to come with these great features.

Note that most summer dresses, shirts, and skirts are made from cotton. There is no doubt that this versatile fabric is a great option for summer clothing. On the other hand, there are key points everyone must know about traditional cotton.

The production of traditional cotton contains toxic additives. It also includes certain petrochemicals and a ton of water. For those who have concerns regarding sustainability, regular cotton is, unfortunately, far from being an environmentally friendly clothing material. The number of harmful additives used in cotton production is much less than in synthetic fibers. Yet it is still best to avoid regular cotton as we have a far superior fabric. Organic cotton is better than its traditional counterpart both in terms of comfort and sustainability.

· Has a soft and natural feeling on the skin

· Very breathable

· Does not contain toxic additives that are harmful for the skin

· Environmentally friendly

Clothes made from organic cotton have a certain feeling that feels exquisite. It has a soft touch on the skin that feels like it has been grown to embrace our body. Its highly breathable structure is also a winner feature. That’s why organic cotton is one of the best fabrics in hot weather.

2. Linen

best fabrics for hot days

Made from the stalks of flax, linen is a lightweight fabric that has a very breathable structure. Clothes made from linen are the best to wear on hot summer days. Linen is also a loosely woven natural fiber that does not trap heat. This allows your body to regulate its temperature. Unlike most synthetic fibers, it absorbs moisture and can dry very quickly as well.

There are many reasons why linen is one of the most widely used materials in the clothing industry. Even though it is thin and lightweight, it is actually two times stronger than most fibers.

· Highly absorbent

· Very breathable

· Quite strong

· Very durable

There is no doubt that the benefits of linen are many. But it also comes with a single flaw that causes many fashion enthusiasts to skip it. Linen, unfortunately, wrinkles quite easily due to the fact that it is a loosely woven fabric.

3. Sheer

best fabrics for summer

Sheer is one of the most suitable fabrics used in the production of summer clothes. It is an all-cotton fabric that manufacturers use in lingerie, dancewear, and stockings. Sheer is also a great fabric to use in wedding gowns and formal garments. That’s because it has a lightweight nature that does not give warmth to the wearer. This make is a suitable fabric to wear in hot weather despite the fact that it has low sun protection.

· Extremely lightweight

· Has a soft touch on the skin

4. Jersey

best fabrics for summer

Jersey is a flexible knit fabric made from wool, cotton, and various synthetic fibers. While it is a great fabric to wear on hot summer days, it is recommended to buy jersey clothes made from 100% cotton. That’s because natural fibers are a lot better at wicking moisture. And jersey fabric does a great job at carrying out this great feature.

· Very absorbent

· Soft and stretchable

· Smooth and comfortable

Jersey often comes in two different forms, single-knit jersey, and double-knit jersey. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of their pros and cons, jersey fabric is an ideal fiber to use in summer clothing. That’s why it deserves a place on our list as well.

5. Silk

Silk is also one of the best fabrics for hot weather. But it is also one of the most prestigious fibers in the industry. It requires gentle labor and a very long amount of time to produce. All these reasons and more make silk an exquisite and very expensive fabric. That being said, only some can deny the mesmerizing effect of silk clothes. Its natural shine makes it stand out even on the hottest days of summer.

· Anti-wrinkle

· Strong

· Breathable

· Ideal fabric for exquisite garments

It also does well when it comes to absorbing moisture. But keep in mind that it is not as absorbent as other fabrics in this list like cotton and linen. Apart from its great look, silk is a perfect summer fabric thanks to its almost weightless structure. On another note, experts and fashion designers suggest wearing silk clothes with armpit patches to avoid sweat patches.

6. Chambray

Chambray is a type of fabric that looks similar to denim. But it is a lighter and plain woven fabric. Thanks to its lightweight feeling on the skin, it feels and seems great. Those who are fond of denim often have a hard time wearing it on hot summer days.

But chambray eliminates the issues of denim while preserving its attractive look. Thanks to a great number of threads in its structure, chambray is highly breathable that allows your skin pores to receive airflow.

Which fabrics should you avoid in summer?

Apart from the ideal summer fabrics, there are also certain clothing materials you should strictly avoid. As they lack features like breathability and moisture-wicking, these fabrics are from being suitable for hot temperatures. Here are the worst fabrics for summer.

· Polyester

· Denim

· Leather

· Fleece

· Acrylic

· Velvet

· Acetate

· Nylon

· Rayon


It is safe to say that natural fibers are ideal clothing materials for summer days. When you are adding new clothes to your wardrobe, make sure that the materials are highly breathable. The ones you should strictly avoid might result in heat rash, allergic reactions, and skin irritations. That’s why it is best to prefer lightweight products that are not tightly woven.

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